Benefits of Pro-Matrix single-use matrix bands

Master the art of precision with Pro-Matrix

  • Pro-Matrix disposable matrices, pre-assembled in the matrix holder including band
  • For amalgam and composite restorations for use in every class.
  • Available as a standard matrix band Pro-Matrix®️ and a contoured band Pro-Matrix®️ Curve
Sample Order




19000 Pro-Matrix - Narrow
(50 pcs) - Astek

190050 Pro-Matrix - Wide
(50 pcs) - Astek

19001 Pro-Matrix Curve - Narrow
(50 pcs) - Astek

19006 Pro-Matrix Curve - Wide
(50 pcs) - Astek


Pro-Matrix benefits

  • Fully disposable
  • Single Product System no assembly or application tools required
  • Reduces the risk of injuries caused by sharp / pointed instruments, as it is not necessary to work with sharp Tofflemir matrix bands
  • Circumferential Band can be used for MO/OD/MOD/ Cusp replacements
  • High-tension mechanism for better compacting
  • Easy contouring to tooth shape
  • Narrow front section better visibility and patient comfort
  • Suitable for use with all restorative materials
  • Suitable for use with wedges and rubber dams


Pro-Matrix Curve has the additional benefits of:

  • Pre-contoured to tooth shape
  • Longer band for larger teeth





“Easy to use and place, the band adapts well to tooth”

“Easy adjustment with a very safe and consistent tightening mechanism”

“Beautiful proximal contours that are not possible with a conventional matrix”